emma signingEmma Scott has worked in the music industry since the late eighties, and has been involved in radio and TV presenting, gig promotions, A & R and, most recently, radio plugging.

Over the last 25 years, Emma has frustratingly seen many a talented musician fall by the wayside, as a result of them being relatively clueless on how to navigate themselves through the music industry.

The book was written out of sheer frustration when dealing with musicians through her promotions company and her radio and record label work, that she started making notes on post-it pads of these frustrations – until she had enough post-it notes to make into a full book.

The feedback so far for the book is nothing but positive and Emma is so glad she wrote it. Her aim? To help as many musicians learn from the mistakes others have made. To save them time and money and help them bark up the right tree where their music career is concerned.

When researching for the book, Emma asked many musicians the same question: “What is success to you?” and most replied – “to make music my career”. Not fame, not fortune, not red carpet events and being on the TV – but to be able to live a comfortable life and play and write music everyday.

This book is filled with insider information and trade secrets from Emma’s 25 years in the music industry.  You don’t have to have been in the business that long to learn as much as you can – from the comfort of your own home. The book is a masterpiece for anyone wanting to know more about the industry – and those who want to work in it too.