If It Was My Band…is intended to be a simple, light-hearted guide, consisting of bite-sized chunks of information that will help you hit the ground running if you’re a new band or musician trying to break into the music industry. If you’re an established artist, you may find that you’ll pick up lots of new information that you’ve overlooked in the past (because of assumptions you’ve made, bad habits you’ve picked up, or poor information you’ve received) – all of which can help you move further up the music industry.

If It Was My Band is a fun read, filled with top tips on all aspects of the music business. It is the compass and map that every aspiring successful musician should have, to help them reach their destination: making music their full time job.

From starting out, to getting gigs, achieving airplay and building a buzz, Emma reveals trade secrets and insider information on all aspects of the industry to help you break your band. This is the perfect gift to give any musician as well as a bible that all musicians who want to succeed should have.